About Maureen

Hello! My name is Maureen Little

and welcome to my gardening Blog.


Let me tell you just a little bit about myself. Firstly, I’ve been growing things on-and-off throughout my life. I say on-and-off because there have been periods when I have strayed from the horticultural path to pursue things like serving in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, bringing up a family, lecturing at Uni, and generally keeping out of mischief.


I started out, though, knee-high to a grasshopper, helping my Dad on his market garden in Sussex – and, after becoming a professional garden designer, and writing a couple of books on gardening (check out my books on Amazon), I ended up owning and running my own modest plant centre specialising in bee-friendly plants. I now create posts for this Blog, do the odd bit of designing, and generally potter about.


I am a Full Member of the Garden Media Guild, the  organisation for professional garden writers et.al.  There's a link to their website below.

I do hope you enjoy reading my ruminations – I’d love to hear from you with any feedback!

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