• Maureen Little

Is There Tea and Cake?

I love visiting gardens.

I love - in no particular order - seeing what other people have achieved with their own insight and vision: discovering new planting combinations: talking to like-minded people: the pure joy of seeing a garden that I haven't visited before: buying new plants.

And I love having a cup of tea with a slice of cake - or, even better, a scone with jam and cream (jam first, topped by cream, of course!).

So I was particularly pleased to pick up the new season's National Garden Scheme (NGS) booklet for my region.

This organisation does sterling work, raising over £95,000 in 2019 for various charities. This wouldn't be possible, of course, without the dedication and generosity of all those who open their gardens to the likes of me.

Thank you, each and every one - and thank you for providing tea and cake too!

I'll be writing up some of my visits in new posts, so keep an ey open for them!

Click here to visit the NGS website