• Maureen Little

On Your Knees!

Please note: This post is not sponsored.

A comedian (I think it was Billy Connolly – apologies if it wasn’t) once commented that you can tell a person’s age by the noise they make when they’re getting up off their knees. When you’re young and sprightly there’s barely an utterance, but the older you get the more it sounds like a declaration of war – aaargh, ooohh, ummph – you get the idea. And I reckon there’s a direct correlation between the severity of noise and the surface you’ve been kneeling on.

I used to pooh-pooh using a kneeler but the older I got the more attractive that piece of garden equipment looked, to the point that I now use one all the time when I’m weeding or planting out (I invariably take up a one-leg-squat/one-leg-kneel position).

It took me a while to find the right combination of durability and comfort in a kneeler: one fell apart after a month; another felt like I was kneeling on corrugated cardboard interleaved with dry lentils – neither conducive to a prolonged bout of kneeling.

But I think I’ve cracked it. I now swear by Burgon and Ball’s Kneelo®. What convinced me was that, on one occasion, I inadvertently plonked my kneeler on top of my secateurs and then knelt down. It was only after I picked up the kneeler that I found the secateurs – I hadn’t felt a thing when I was kneeling. Now it’s an essential part of my arsenal of gardening accessories – and an added bonus is that Burgon and Ball have a lovely range of designs as well as the less fanciful, plain colours.


Pictures by kind permission of Burgon and Ball